Overview of PP market in all regions on January 7,

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On January 7, 2010, PP Market Overview in various places

after the recent continuous rise in Shunde PP market, today the market is slightly calm, merchants' quotations are stable, and some brand quotations are slightly callback. In the morning, the market inquiry atmosphere was ok, and the transaction was average

PP around the Central Plains performed poorly today. The demand is sluggish, the supply of high price goods is excluded by the downstream, and it is difficult for Zhongyuan wire drawing to make a deal. Market confusion has spread, and petrochemical price policies are generally on the sidelines

the PP market of Qilu Chemical City is mainly stable. Downstream demand is sluggish, high price supply transactions are blocked, and the market quotation continues to rise, encountering obvious resistance. There are few enquiries in the morning and few transactions

the general PP market in Shanghai is expected to be stable today, but the price rise of Sinopec transparent material caused the market price to rise. Originally, because the foreign rare earth inventory was in a low inventory state, the oil continued to rise sharply, and the market mentality was supported. However, due to the exclusion of the high price supply by the buyer, the transaction was generally concluded in the morning

the current price of PP market in Guangzhou is basically stable. The overall atmosphere of the market in the morning was general, with few transactions. Downstream demand is weak, and high price supply transactions are blocked. The market mentality is mainly stable, but some businesses are worried about the future market

merchants in the PP market around Dalian have a stable mentality and are mainly active in shipping. At present, the supply of goods in the market is OK, the downstream inquiry is general, and the market transaction is general

the PP market in Yuyao is mainly stable. International crude oil rose above $83, supporting the market mentality. The market atmosphere in the morning was ok, but there were not many transactions. There are few market resources and few low-cost sources

there were few downstream inquiries in Nanjing PP market in the morning, and the trading was slightly light. At present, the supply of goods in the market is tight, crude oil continues to rise, and merchants' quotations rise slightly. Downstream demand is still weak, and the intention to receive goods is not high

in the morning of Tianjin PP market, the market inquiry atmosphere was acceptable, and transactions were rare. Due to the recent rising market prices, the resistance of the downstream has also reached white hot, and the intention to receive goods is extremely weak. At present, the mentality of the merchants as a whole remains stable after the recheck of the device accuracy of the tensile testing machine. Some merchants have a slight change in mentality, indicating that the firm offer is negotiable and actively seeking a deal

the quotation of merchants in Linyi PP market continued to rise slightly, and the market trading atmosphere was general. Although the current transaction is in a stalemate, the merchants' mentality is still optimistic, low prices are unwilling to deal with high power, fast heating up and strong durability, and the market is in a strong wait-and-see mood

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