Overview of PP markets around China on April 8

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April 8 PP Market Overview

Shantou PP market fell significantly. In the early stage, as the market continues to rise, the supply of high priced goods is increasingly excluded by the downstream, and businesses also believe that there are risks in the market. Today, the seller's shipping awareness increased, and the quotation fell significantly

the PP market in Wuhan is stable, and the market is slightly weak. Today, the quotation of T30S mainstream market is at yuan/ton, merchants' enthusiasm for shipping has increased, and downstream demand has fallen into wait-and-see. The quotation of EPS30R copolymerization is 12100 yuan/ton, and there is no transaction for the time being

the current price of PP market in Chongqing is mainly stable. The market supply is scarce. With the rising price, the market quotation continues to rise powerlessly. Quotation: the quotation of T30S today is 10200 yuan/ton, and that of EPS30R is about 11300 yuan/ton

the overall market price of PP in Hangzhou has weakened slightly, with different mentality of merchants and disordered quotation. The mainstream quotation of drawing C is yuan/ton, and the supply of copolymerization is scarce. A small amount of K8003 is quoted at 13000 yuan/ton, and there is little downstream demand

and low moisture absorption

the current price of PP market in Shanghai has been slightly adjusted, and some wire drawing prices have been slightly corrected. The hype in the early stage of the market was too crazy, and the supply of high priced goods was generally excluded. After the hyped foam, more businesses saw high-level shipments to reduce risks. In terms of current price: PetroChina T30S is at 10000 yuan/ton, T300 is at 10600 yuan/ton, gm1600e is at 11400 yuan/ton, m800e is at 11400 yuan/ton, k8003/k4912 is at 12600 yuan/ton

the market quotation of Linyi PP is stable, with increased shipments but general transactions. The mentality of merchants will be slightly corrected in the short term, but the range is limited. The latest offer: Qingdao and Zhongyuan T30S do not include tax declaration yuan/ton, and imported material drawing C 5300/1102k does not include tax declaration yuan/ton

the current price of PP market in Xiamen is generally stable. There is not much supply in the market, the mentality is good, and the merchants' shipping intention is enhanced. In terms of quotation, the quotation of Dalian T30S is 9900 yuan/ton, and that of Fujian wire drawing is yuan/ton

the quotation of PP market in Guangzhou rose, the enthusiasm for shipment increased, and the market demand was slightly weak. Businesses worried about the future market began to increase, and the actual trading volume today is average

the PP market quotation in Shunde was slightly adjusted, the merchants' mentality was unstable, the enthusiasm for shipping was slightly improved, the overall trading atmosphere was good, the actual transactions were not many, and the downstream demand was general

there are not many supply sources in the PP market around Dalian. After the price rise of PetroChina, the market rose slightly, and the transaction was general. The callback and consolidation after the market continued to rise was also reasonable. The latest offer: Dalian organic and Daqing T30S quoted 10000 yuan/ton

Qilu Chemical City's PP market has a small supply of goods. Today's price rises, and the competitiveness of merchants out of the market will also be further improved. The enthusiasm for goods will be improved. The T30S quotation is 10200 yuan/ton, and the transaction price is negotiable. The Qilu EPS30R quotation is 13000 yuan/ton. Downstream demand is mainly wait-and-see

the supply volume of PP market in Tianjin is acceptable, the enthusiasm of merchants to ship is improved, and the market quotation is stable. The market quotation of T30S is about 9900 yuan/ton. The market inquiry atmosphere is good, and the downstream demand is general

a year-on-year increase of 25%

the market quotation of Yuyao PP fell. Although Sinopec and PetroChina raised their prices again, the market did not follow suit, and some of them reversed their prices in order to make a deal. Optimism is gradually decreasing, and merchants are mainly shipping at a high level. In terms of today's price, the quotation for Sanyuan T30S is about 10200; Zhenhai T30S is 10200 yuan/ton, F401 is 10300 yuan/ton, copolymerization j340 is about 12500 yuan/ton, and Maoming EPS30R is 12200 yuan/ton. It is reported that the actual delivery price is low. The market capacity of plastic extruders will be further expanded

the supply volume of PP market in Beijing is OK, the overall quotation is slightly weak, the enthusiasm of merchants to ship is improved, and the quotation of some brands with less goods continues to be strong. At present, the trading atmosphere between merchants in the market is good, and the downstream demand is general

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