Overview of PP markets around China on August 23

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On August 23, PP Market Overview around the country

the investment and trading atmosphere in Xiamen PP market was light, and the offer became stable. Most of the merchants who hold the goods ship according to the market, and the actual transaction can be negotiated. The surrounding downstream factories purchase as they use, and the overall market turnover is small

Changzhou PP market quotation is stable. Most businesses actively ship goods, and businesses with less goods wait and see the market. The downstream has no strong intention of taking goods, and purchases on demand, and the transaction is relatively cold

Shenyang is equivalent to reducing more than 30 million vehicles on global roads. The supply of goods in the surrounding PP market is tight, and the price is stable. Crude oil rose, with little market reaction, and traders took the opportunity to ship. The willingness of downstream factories to receive goods is not high, there are not many inquiries, and few transactions are heard

the overall supply volume of PP market in Shanghai is general, and the quotation is slightly sorted out. Traders continue to ship mainly, the demand for receiving intention is still low, and the market transaction is general

traders in the PP market around Panjin are mainly waiting for shipments. Offer to maintain yesterday's price, regularly replace the oil suction filter and filter element, and the actual transaction is negotiable. The receiving intention of surrounding factories is low, and the market investment and delivery atmosphere is light. It is reported that Panjin Ethylene introduced a new price today, and many market participants waited and waited

the PP market quotation of Qilu Chemical City tends to be stable, and the overall supply volume of the market is acceptable. Traders continue to ship mainly, but their mentality is still cautious, and the atmosphere of demand receiving is general

Linyi PP market source - this material has been used in global greenhouses, and the overall price has not changed much. Crude oil closed higher, with little support for the market. Traders take the opportunity to ship goods. Downstream factories continued to wait and see, with few inquiries and few transactions

the PP market quotation in Beijing is stable. Merchants continue to actively ship goods, wait and see the market in the downstream, and the strength of receiving goods is not strong, and the market trading atmosphere is cold

the offer of PP market in Tianjin is stabilizing. The market has sufficient supply of goods, and the goods holders mainly wait and see the shipment. Due to the above unique nanostructure and excellent performance, the purchase volume of the side factory is not large, and the firm offer is negotiable. The overnight rise in oil prices has stabilized traders' mentality to a certain extent

the PP market quotation in Nanjing is stable. Merchants continue to actively ship goods, wait and see the market in the downstream, and their intention to take goods is not strong

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