Overview of PP markets around China on April 20

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On April 20, PP Market Overview in various places

the price of PP market in Xi'an is higher today. The market mentality has improved, mainly short-term bullish. Merchants' enthusiasm for operation has improved, buyers are ready to move, and the transaction has improved slightly. Today, the price of T30S in Yan'an is about 9500 yuan/ton, and there are few transactions

the market situation of PP in Wuhan has warmed up and the quotation has risen. Today, the supply volume of drawing C is OK, and the quotation of T30S mainstream market is 9700 yuan/ton, and the downstream demand is on the sidelines. The quotation of copolymer EPS30R is 11200 yuan/ton

the quotation of PP market in Hangzhou was slightly higher, the mentality was improved, and the market trading atmosphere was slightly warmer. In the morning, the mainstream quotation of brushed acrylic is yuan/ton, and the transaction price is negotiable. The mainstream quotation of copolymerization is 11200 yuan/ton, and there is little downstream demand. Constant consistency

the current price of PP market in Xiamen has improved slightly. There is not much supply in the market, and the mentality of merchants has improved. It is generally believed that the market has begun to rebound from the bottom, and the supply of low-cost goods has gradually disappeared. In terms of quotation, the mainstream quotation of Fujian wire drawing is about 9600 yuan/ton, and that of PetroChina wire drawing is about yuan/ton

the price of PP market in Shanghai rose today. The mentality continues to improve, the buyer's receipt of goods has increased, and the market shows a good rebound momentum. In terms of current price: CNPC T30S is 9600 yuan/ton; SECCO S1003 is 9700 yuan/ton; T300 is 9700 yuan/ton; Fiber 2040 is 9900 yuan/ton, k8003/k7926 is 10800 yuan/ton, k4912 is 11300 yuan/ton

the mentality of Guangzhou PP market has improved, the quotation has increased, the enthusiasm of market shipment is general, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. Today, the general trading atmosphere is general, and some of them are temporarily closed and wait-and-see. Today, the actual trading volume is not much

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PP prices around the Central Plains rose. There are not many sources of goods in the market, and businesses are unwilling to continue to sell goods at low prices. At present, the market is full of expectations for the late price policy of petrochemical industry. In terms of current price: Central Plains wire drawing T30S includes tax declaration of yuan/ton. Which industries are in urgent need of transformation

Shunde PP market quotation is higher, merchants' mentality is improved, and demand has increased. Today, there is a lot of wait-and-see mentality, the overall trading atmosphere is weak, there are not many actual transactions, and the downstream demand is general

Qilu Chemical City has a general supply of PP market. Today's price is higher, the market mentality has improved, and the market demand atmosphere is light. Qingdao T30S is quoted at 9600 yuan/ton, Daqing T30S is quoted at 9600 yuan/ton, and the transaction price is single. Daqing EPS30R is quoted at 11700 yuan/ton, and Qilu EPS30R is quoted at yuan/ton. Downstream demand is mainly wait-and-see

the market quotation of Yuyao PP continued to rise. The mentality continues to improve, and the supply of low-cost goods has been very rare. The transaction atmosphere was flat, and the actual transaction price was lower than the offer

the supply of PP market in Tianjin is OK, the mentality of merchants has improved, and the market quotation is tentatively higher. The quotation of T30S market is 9600 yuan/ton, and the quotation of EPS30R is yuan/ton. The market search atmosphere is light, and downstream demand is mainly wait-and-see

the price of PP in Linyi is scarce today, and the offer continues to rise. Some merchants are reluctant to sell because of bullish psychology. It is expected that the tax excluded value of Qingdao wire drawing T30S will be around 9200 yuan and that of Zhongyuan T30S will be 9300 yuan/ton today

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