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January 20, 2010 PP Market Overview everywhere

the PP market in Linyi is mainly stable today. The atmosphere this morning was general, and the transaction was not much affected by the fog. Qingdao's wire drawing is basically out of stock, and Zhongyuan Petrochemical has a little more wire drawing resources

the PP market quotation in Beijing is strong, the market transaction is depressed, the rise of crude oil has little effect on the market, and the merchants' mentality is slightly pessimistic. In the morning, the market inquiry atmosphere was poor, the downstream demand wait-and-see atmosphere was strong, and the transaction was deadlocked

the PP market quotation in Tianjin is generally stable, and some quotations are tentatively higher. Most merchants think that there is little room for market decline, and there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. The listing price of petrochemicals fell, businesses had doubts about the future market, and the intention to cover positions was weak

the PP around the Central Plains continued to consolidate smoothly today, with little change in the quotation. There are not many market resources, but due to poor mentality, the seller continues to actively ship

the PP market in Shanghai is mainly stable today. In the morning, the inquiry atmosphere was light, the actual transactions were rare, and the market mentality was poor

the atmosphere of early transaction in Shenyang PP market is not bad. Merchants are mainly active in shipping, and there is a small margin of profit in the solid transaction. Downstream manufacturers have strong wait-and-see sentiment and weak intention to receive goods

Qilu Chemical City's PP market mentality has improved, merchants' sales intention is general, and the quotation is tentatively higher. The trading atmosphere in the morning was poor, and the downstream manufacturers resisted the high price supply, and there were few transactions

the current price of PP market in Hangzhou is slightly higher in transmission, and the market mentality is chaotic. Most market participants believe that the recent market will be dominated by weakness and stalemate. Due to the high ex factory price support, the market quotation is still strong, and the actual transaction price has little room for negotiation. The market supply is general, and the downstream demand is sluggish

the PP market in Yuyao is generally stable, and the supply of low-cost goods is reduced. The overall atmosphere of the market has improved slightly, and the transaction has improved. The market resources are not enough. The orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises have increased significantly, and the mentality of merchants is basically stable

the current price of PP market in Nanjing is mainly stable. The market atmosphere improved slightly today, The actual transaction is still not much. The person in charge of the project site of Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd. said: "Rausberg's professional technology and efficient and fast construction speed.

Quanzhou PP market is mainly stable. There are not many market resources, and the quotation basically remains strong. The market mentality has improved, and the number of low-cost shippers has decreased significantly.

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