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LUZHENG Futures: crude oil is unstoppable, followed by Shanghai oil. 1. Market description. Crude oil rose by a breakthrough on Tuesday, directly approaching the $130 mark. Due to this, Guo Yanling's team also developed a variety of composite 3D printing materials, such as stone sculptures, jade sculptures, pottery sculptures, etc. today, Shanghai oil again jumped high, and the 807 contract directly hit 4800 yuan with 40 points, and then took advantage of the trend to hit a new high, stopping at 4848 yuan. Due to the loss of the status of the main contract, the futures price gradually fell back to the opening price. Today's main contract 808 shows a strong trend, with continuous incremental increases, which also broke through the integer figure of 4800 yuan today. However, concerns about crude oil due to the expected increase in inventory tonight led to a drop in late trading, closing at 4782 yuan. Compared with the previous trading day, the trading volume and position increased by more than 7000 hands, showing a strong performance. Technically, the daily K-line closed at a high Yin cross, which is suspected of ceiling. However, the MACD technical indicators still maintain a long-term upward trend, and the callback is the buying point

II. Fundamental analysis

the settlement price of July light and low sulfur crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $4.19 to a record $133.17 a barrel, or 3.3%, and reached a new high of $133.82 shortly after the close

the energy information administration announced that due to the sharp decline in imports and the increase in refinery operating rates, U.S. crude oil inventories decreased by 5.3 million barrels last week, which is quite different from the increase of 500000 barrels predicted by analysts. Distillate oil inventory increased by 728000 barrels, lower than the increase of 1.2 million barrels expected by analysts, gasoline inventory decreased by 755000 barrels, and analysts' expectation was to increase by 400000 barrels

on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve lowered its 2008 economic growth forecast to 0.3%-1.2% from 1.3%-2% expected three months ago. After the Federal Reserve released its forecast, the dollar expanded its decline against the euro, once again boosting crude oil prices

the price difference of Asian fuel oil cracking rebounded to a two-week high on Wednesday, supported by the surge in demand for Pakistan Pakistan's well maintained instruments and strong spot trading. BP sold 39000 tons of 180CST fuel oil to shell at a price of US $2.50 per ton of water, with a shipping date of June 9-13; Vitol sold 20000 tons of 380cst fuel oil to PetroChina at a premium of $2.50, with a shipping date of June 16-20

III. future research and judgment

the high level of crude oil is once again strong. After breaking through the shock platform, it broke through $130 at one fell swoop. This trend has basically announced that $130 was basically established at the crude oil station in 2007, and the future market will continue to rise. Taking advantage of this trend, Shanghai oil will rise sharply and continue to hold multiple orders

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