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LyondellBasell is committed to converting waste plastics into new plastics

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LyondellBasell announced the construction of a new small pilot facility in its Ferrara base in Italy to further convert plastic waste after consumption into new plastics on a large scale. The reason why the company chose Ferrara base to build pilot facilities is that its long history of research and its role does not need to achieve development through pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means, including the development of catalysts

through cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of technology, LyondellBasell's proprietary molecular recycling technology (called moretec) shows that using catalysts in the pyrolysis process or structurally decomposing plastic waste into molecules will be faster and more energy-saving than traditional chemical recycling

LyondellBasell R & D Jim Seward, senior vice president of technology and sustainability, said, "in the past 15 months, we have improved our chemical recovery capacity, and through research and testing, we are studying a variety of proprietary catalyst options for LyondellBasell. In addition to continuing to develop our catalysts, our investment in small pilot facilities will also help us promote moretec technology to large-scale applications and achieve a real circular economy."

the goal of moretec technology of leanderbasel is to convert plastic waste (such as multilayer films) that is usually difficult to recycle into molecular state for regeneration ★ 6) maximum tensile and compressive alternating load: not less than ± 50kN; Produced for all (the fatigue limit of engineering metal materials is directly proportional to the tensile strength, with a ratio of about 0.5 and a rate of 0.001. The raw materials of new plastics used in electronic displacement meters include food contact and medical care products. Although moretec is based on chemical recycling, it also contains proprietary catalyst methods.

leanderbasel believes that this method has great potential because it uses less energy and the chemical conversion process is faster, Less calories are consumed

in the next few months, LyondellBasell will continue to build its pilot facilities in Ferrara, and will also focus on the interaction of various waste types under molecular recovery processes, catalyst selection, and process conditions

the development of molecular recycling is only one of the three ways that LyondellBasell promotes sustainable solutions related to plastic waste. LyondellBasell also actively participates in mechanized recycling through its joint venture with Suez's quality circular polymers (QCP) to convert plastic waste after consumption into new plastic pellets for the production of electrical appliances, detergent bottles and suitcases

in addition, LyondellBasell also uses 100% renewable raw materials (such as cooking and vegetable oil waste) to produce new bioplastics, which can be used to manufacture food packaging, toys, furniture and other items

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