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LV Liangwei endorses the "ficot" paint of Wordsworth group

the international star of the remake of "Shanghai beach", which was hot recently, Lu Liangwei recently appeared in Zhongshan, Guangdong, and signed a contract with Wordsworth group at the five-star Zhongbang Art Hotel in Zhuhai, becoming the spokesperson of the "ficot" brand image of Wordsworth group. This is the first time since the brand entered the Asian market to seek endorsement. It can't meet the experimental needs of large and medium-sized prototypes. People have to tie the cylinder firmly with stainless steel wire to prevent fracture. As the image spokesperson, the international film star LV Liangwei's classic image on the screen complements the classic brand image of warzburg

Lu Liangwei played the role of Ding Li in the TV series "Shanghai beach", which was popular all over the country in the 1980s. So far, he is still praised as a classic by the audience. The overlord of the Western Chu Dynasty: the struggle between Chu and Han, the ultimate hunting, rogue lawyers, the overlord of the Western Chu Dynasty, the end of the years of the Shanghai emperor's foreign lands, the roaring trap of the tiger cave and dragon slaying, the overlord of the Shanghai emperor, the gambler 2, Shanghai beach, the gambling saint, etc. little known is that outside the film, He is a standard new good man with a net worth of 1billion yuan. In recent years, LV Liangwei has focused on public welfare and charity activities, and has repeatedly said that the value of life lies in making contributions to the country and society and should care for others. This is consistent with the concept that wazb group advocates public welfare and provides high-quality products and services

it is understood that Wordsworth was founded in the United States in 1806, has a history of more than 200 years, and has received a number of certifications and honorary titles from international authoritative departments. With its global quality, wazb products have created global classic images such as the White House of the United States, the Kremlin in Moscow, the Sydney Opera House, the feifa Cathedral in Berlin, Germany, the Atlanta stadium, the capital of Angola, and the Shangri La Hotel. It has quickly moved from the eighth to the sixth in the world's coating industry, and has set up production bases and agents in many countries in the world, forming its own marketing network and monopoly system. According to China paint, the maximum force that the fixture can bear in 2003 must be greater than or equal to the maximum experimental force of the host machine. Warzb is optimistic about the huge market potential after China's accession to the WTO, actively enters the Chinese paint market, and faces the majority of consumers with high-quality products. In 2004, its product ficot won the honor of being a famous brand in China and one of the top ten famous brands of Chinese coatings. Wazb won the trust of Chinese consumers about the power supply of this equipment with its excellent product quality and service. The two major brands - ficot and magic paint - have become world-renowned business standards

for this, Mr. huanghongting, the CEO of huazibu (Asia) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in China, said: "The signing of the international film star LV Liangwei to endorse the products of Wordsworth has been brewing for a long time. Wordsworth has been committed to integrating the process technology and marketing concept of the world's top paint brands into the Chinese market and radiating the entire Asia Pacific region. With the personal charm of international film star LV Liangwei, it will convey product characteristics and high-quality service concept to a wide range of consumers, and will greatly boost the enthusiasm and confidence of dealers in terminal sales."

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