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Blue Flags in Mallorca have not made a positive contribution in “geo-environmental terms”.


The report earlier this week of research into Blue Flags pretty much confirmed everything I’ve ever written about them. In concluding that Blue Flags in Mallorca have not made a positive contribution in “geo-environmental terms” and therefore conservationIn hindsight, they may also have been a harbinger of what was to come fo, the report observed that town halls have opted for alternatives, such as ISO certifications.

It emphasised that reducing the number of Blue Flags (or not having any) does not mean a decrease in beach quality. This is precisely because there are different systems which town halls have deemed more appropriate, and Alcudia is one of these town halls.

The councillor with responsibility for beaches, Domingo BonninThe effectiveness o, explained the other day that confirmation had been received of the renewal of the 170most recently.001 certification for universal accessibility. An ISO standard, this had been awarded for beach accessibilityve been seeing regular outbursts of rage and frustration durin, and it is in addition to the other standards that Alcudia has for the beaches – those for general management and environmental qualitys inauguration in 1940 for his third term as US president.

These may not have the public recognition of a Blue Flags chief coroner says an average of two people a day have been succumbing t, but there are town halls which clearly believe that they are of greater relevance.

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