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Agilent and Nanyang Technological University jointly carry out sewage treatment research

on December 26, 2013, Beijing - Agilent technology company (NYSE: a) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) recently announced that the two sides will jointly develop new sewage biological treatment solutions. In this cooperation, Nanyang Institute of environment and water resources (newri), the leading agency of NTU water quality research, will use Agilent biological analyzer to study the impact of microorganisms in the process of sewage treatment

Gen Du requires flexible control strategies. According to the academic cooperation memorandum, Agilent and NTU will start the work of two initial projects. The first project is to develop a real-time monitoring system for sewage treatment, so as to give an early warning in case of any failure or failure in the treatment process, and also provide accurate data; The second project will use microorganisms in the sewage treatment process to develop low-energy sewage treatment methods. Its goal is to develop a portable, low-cost analytical toolkit for developing countries

newri scientists and engineers aim to improve the understanding of microorganisms that can degrade various materials in order to use them to treat sewage and waste. For example, after a thorough understanding of microbial behavior, we can find a solution to the problem of interaction and competition between microorganisms, which will hinder energy recovery in the sewage treatment process

Professor ng Wu Jern, Dean of NTU College of engineering and executive director of newri, said when talking about the importance of this cooperation that it is necessary to constantly develop new technologies for biological treatment processes to solve increasingly complex man-made pollutants, reduce carbon emissions from sewage treatment, and better recover energy and other resources

Professor ng Wu Jern said: "Through Agilent's advanced bioanalysis technology, we can develop a database for pollutants found in sewage, including exotic or newly discovered species with a flame retardant rating of UL 94 V-0, as well as compounds accidentally generated in the process of treatment. This will help us monitor biological metabolic activities and remove the treatment performance of various organic compounds. With a new specialized database, we can better overcome the current problems Difficulties in sewage treatment. "

according to lux research, the world's leading water resources research institute, Professor ng Wu Jern is one of more than 30 world-class water resources scientists

rod minett, general manager of Agilent's life sciences department in South Asia Pacific and South Korea, said: "for more than 40 years, Agilent has been committed to assisting researchers and developing environmental solutions. We expect to develop highly sensitive and reliable methods for sewage treatment through cooperation with NTU and newri, one of Asia's top water and environment research institutes."

about Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a research intensive public university, with 33500 undergraduate and graduate students in total, under which there are colleges of engineering, business, science, humanities, arts and Social Sciences and interdisciplinary graduate schools. NTU cooperates with Imperial College London to jointly organize a new medical discovery institute through analysis, namely liguangqian medical college

ntu also has world-class autonomous Colleges (National Institute of education, Rajaratnam Institute of international relations, Singapore earth observation and Research Institute and Singapore Environmental Life Science Engineering Center) and various top research centers, such as Nanyang environment and Water Research Institute (newri) and NTU Energy Research Institute( ERI@N )And the Asian consumer insight Institute (ACI)

ntu is a comprehensive university with rapid development and international vision. It will build an excellent global university through five peak goals: sustainable development, health care and medical system technology, new creative media, New Silk Road and entrepreneurial innovation ecological model. In addition to the main Yunnan campus, Nanyang Technological University has also set up a satellite campus at the Singapore Science and technology center, and will set up a third campus in the Singapore Medical District in novina

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about Agilent technology

Agilent Technology (NYSE: a) is a leading testing and measurement company in the world, and also a technology leader in the fields of chemical analysis, life sciences, diagnostics, electronics and communications. The company has 20600 employees in more than 100 countries around the world, providing excellent services to customers. In fiscal year 2013, Agilent's net income reached $6.8 billion. For more information about Agilent, please visit

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