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Fast hydraulic retarder helps PetroChina natural gas transportation

fast hydraulic retarder helps PetroChina natural gas transportation

China Construction Machinery Information in the past two years

recently, fast signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with PetroChina natural gas transportation company, It is agreed that fastex will add hydraulic retarders to the existing heavy-duty transport vehicles of the oil and gas transportation company, which are not "gaseous" free structural layers in the surface layer of Zhongshi atom, and install hydraulic retarders on the new vehicles it purchases. At the same time, it will provide all-round technical support and after-sales services to escort the safety framework of natural gas transportation

CNPC is a large-scale professional transportation and logistics enterprise directly under CNPC, headquartered in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with branches in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. It has 22000 transportation vehicles of all kinds, of which more than 90% of heavy transportation vehicles use fast transmission. According to the deputy general manager of the company, the fast transmission is durable, stable in quality and performance, and reliable in quality. After the installation of fast hydraulic retarder, the transportation of natural gas is more safe and reliable

as an advanced device to assist vehicle braking, the hydraulic retarder represented by fastex fh400b and fhb320b has successfully broken the foreign technical barriers and filled the domestic technical gap. The key core technology has reached the international advanced level. Its unit braking torque and braking power are large, the braking force is not declining, the braking is soft, there is no impact, it can work for a long time, there is no heat recession, the structure is compact, the weight is light, and the whole vehicle is comfortable, With short axial size, it is easy to install, repair and maintain. It has the performance advantages of extending the service life of the brake and good operation economy. It fully meets the development needs of heavy trucks with multiple gears, large tonnage, high horsepower and high speed and the personalized needs of different users, and provides reliable safety protection guarantee and efficient deceleration braking function for medium and heavy trucks

at present, the fast hydraulic retarder has been successfully matched with Shaanxi Automobile. Without this passage, the safe and effective braking performance and economy of Valin, Yutong, Jinlong and other dozens of domestic trucks and passenger cars. This machine is mainly used for the fatigue life test of various springs, elastomers, elastic components and other parts, which is favored by market users, especially users with special working conditions and road conditions

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