Agilent launched a new generation of capillary ele

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Agilent launched a new generation of capillary electrophoresis system

Agilent Technology launched a new generation of capillary electrophoresis system with 10 times higher sensitivity

on April 28, 2009, Beijing - Agilent technology company (nyse:a) today launched a new generation of Agilent 7100 capillary electrophoresis (CE) system, whose sensitivity will be more than 10 times higher than that of other commercialized capillary electrophoresis instruments. In the future, the market capacity of low-end cathode materials in China will be increased by more than 10 times

"we believe that electrophoresis business is one of our core technologies, and we see that many application fields are generating strong interest in capillary electrophoresis technology, such as quality assurance/quality control of new biological drugs, environmental analysis, food safety and life sciences." Nitin Sood, global general manager of Agilent's electrophoresis business, said, "whether used alone, as a separation part of ce/ms, or as a complementary technology of liquid chromatography, Agilent's new 7100 capillary electrophoresis system provides excellent high sensitivity similar to HPLC, which can meet many challenging analytical tasks."

Another reason why capillary electrophoresis attracts attention is that it uses very little solvent. Compared with the previous generation, the new 7100 capillary electrophoresis system has a 25% reduction in size, a 30% reduction in weight, and a lower power consumption

the new detector adopts a patented capillary light path design with extended optical path and another high sensitivity cell design, which brings excellent sensitivity, making the sensitivity of Agilent 7100 times that of other capillary electrophoresis instruments

agilent 7100 provides the widest choice of detectors in the industry, with high flexibility and sensitivity, and this new instrument can be inversely compatible with the previous Agilent capillary electrophoresis platform, so that the existing methods can continue to be used. The instrument can carry out various technologies of capillary electrophoresis separation, including capillary electrochromatography for rapid separation of very similar related compounds. Its standard buffer replenishment system can ensure high-throughput automatic operation, and has been improved to reduce the amount of replenishment buffer

The design of Agilent 7100 capillary electrophoresis system improves the separation efficiency, reliability and ease of use. The new durable internal pressurization system and the improved capillary cooling system can withstand higher current and/or the capillary with larger aperture can display N-t and J-T curves, which can not only improve the analytical flux, but also expand the scope of application. In addition, the electrophoresis system applies a new chemical workstation software, its easy-to-use graphical user interface and improved method setting function, which greatly shortens the start-up and training time

the modular structure of the electrophoresis system makes it easy to quickly access electrodes, pre perforators, electronic components, pipelines and other components, which is conducive to daily maintenance. The capillary ferrule has an automatic alignment function, which allows rapid capillary replacement in a few seconds and is compatible with all commercial capillaries

plug and play capillary electrophoresis/mass spectrometry (ce/ms)

Agilent 7100 capillary electrophoresis instrument provides plug and play connection with Agilent mass spectrometer (MS), which combines the characteristics of short analysis time and high separation efficiency of capillary electrophoresis with the molecular weight and structure information of mass spectrometry technology. Applicable mass spectrometers include single quadrupole, time of flight (TOF), ion trap, triple quadrupole (q), ICP and quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometry system (Q-TOF). Agilent is the only company that can provide fully integrated ce/ms solutions. All system components come from one supplier

Tobias preckel, Agilent capillary electrophoresis product manager, said, "Agilent capillary electrophoresis system not only has first-class performance, but also we vigorously inherit the reliability characteristics of the past, and its reputation has been known to everyone in the past 16 years."

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