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Fast food packaging industry adopts Martin non-stop unwinding equipment to improve production efficiency

flexible food packaging company in Malaysia has successfully installed Martin full-automatic non-stop unwinding equipment on its full-automatic box making machine, rapidly improving efficiency and reducing losses. This brand-new box making machine and Martin's non-stop equipment produced by H. G. Weber company are specially purchased by the company for users in the fast food industry

in the production process of fast food packaging, some special buffers specially used for manufacturing various industrial packaging can make the swing rod stable. Materials need to use low tension to avoid wrinkles. Martin company and H. G. Weber company have worked together to design an MBS type non-stop unwinder that meets the production process to meet the special needs of such users

manager Hu Zhiguo of Martin company said that this project is the second cooperation project between Martin company and H. G. Weber company in the Asia Pacific region. The first time is in South Korea, and has achieved very good results. Because of this, H.G. Weber decided to apply the same design to its equipment in Malaysia

Su, general manager of H. G. Weber in Asia Pacific region, also said that when I choose partners, I attach importance to the unique design of equipment and perfect after-sales service. Our customers are very satisfied with Martin's equipment and service

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