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Vida will expand its production to one million tons in two years.

Vida expects that the production capacity will increase by 140000 tons to 760000 tons in the second half of the year. Vida chairman Li Chaowang said yesterday that Vida's production capacity will reach 890000 tons by the end of next year and further increase to 1million tons in 2015. Zhang Dongfang, chief executive of Weida, said that in the second half of the year, the company will optimize the structure of products, as shown in Table 4. Tuo electronic tensile testing machine is widely used to develop high margin products, such as wet paper towels, kitchen paper, and sell products printed with cartoon characters, so as to improve sales and profitability. The contract of sponge baby series products will be maintained until the middle of 2015. In addition, she said that the future will focus on the development of Shandong and surrounding areas, and the new plant in Shandong Province will be put into production in the second half of the year

as for the continuous instability of wood pulp price, Zhang Dongfang said that the company will adopt flexible policies and find new wood pulp suppliers to improve the company's bargaining power, but will not participate in the price war in the industry. As for the integration in the industry, it is beneficial to the long-term development of the market

Li Chaowang said that the company will develop in a two-line mode, that is, while producing by itself, it will also adopt the asset light mode, and choose the paper industry as a strategic partner to commission the processing of base paper. He stressed that the double track development will be carried out according to the production requirements to ensure the quality of products, mainly high-end tissue products. He added that at present, the paper industry has many choices, which is a good opportunity for entrusted processing. It can also reduce the company's capital expenditure in the development process from imitation to independent renovation, absorb the excess capacity in the market, and the industry can develop healthily

Zeng Sihao, chief financial officer of Vida, said that the capital expenditure in the second half of the year was 600million yuan, and the capital expenditure in the first half of the year was 800million yuan. Asked whether the company's debt ratio would decline, he pointed out that the debt ratio would not fall but rise in the next few years, mainly because capital expenditure was still high. In addition, the long-term bonds maturing in the first half of the year are 1.8 billion yuan. The friction and wear testing machine of Jinan new period Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of Jinan experimental machine factory is different from other places. The amount of short-term bonds maturing will be less, so the financial pressure is not great. In the first half of the year, the loan amount increased by about 50% year-on-year to 2.8 billion yuan. Zeng Sihao explained that it was mainly used to expand production capacity

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