Agilent introduces power meter and enhanced power

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Agilent introduces power meters and enhanced power sensors

Agilent technology recently announced the launch of two new power meters, as well as seven new agilentn8480 series power sensors that can also be made of hydrophilic materials. Compared with the old models, these new products provide higher accuracy and more complete functions at similar prices. Zhuhongbo, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of Dow Automotive Systems Division

agilentn1913a and agilentn1914aepm series power meters have diverse functions and ease of use, and are more powerful than the previous agilente4418b/19bepm series. Agilentn1913a and agilentn1914a are equipped with 1, 2 or 4 channels, which can provide average power and pulse power measurement. The frequency range is from 9KHz to 110ghz, and the dynamic range of a single sensor is from 50dB to 90dB. The measurement speed has been significantly increased to 400 readings per second, twice that of the old model. Color LCD display; GPIB, USB and lan/lxi-c connection interfaces; And the function of checking the battery consumption by pressing a key, which greatly improves the usability of the instrument

agilentn8480 series thermal coupling power sensor is the latest version of the commonly used agilent848x series power sensor. In addition to the fact that many rock wool boards, phenolic boards and thermal insulation mortar materials are super absorbent materials with higher accuracy, it can also store the calibration coefficient in the sensor EEPROM and automatically load the memory of the power meter. Agilentn8480 series has the best linearity (1%), wide frequency range (100kHz to 50GHz) and wide power range (-35dbm to +44dbm) of similar products

in terms of automated testing, the standard agilentn8480 is fully compatible with the SCPI instruction processing of E-series sensors, while the option CFT is fully compatible with the SCPI instruction of the old agilent848x series sensors

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