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Fast drilling hardware tools actively carry out research and development to provide more possibilities for the future

fast drilling hardware tools actively carry out research and development, Provide more possibilities for the future

2020/2/7 17:51:15 enterprise contribution

"In those days, I chose this industry in response to the call of the state to strengthen the construction of production capacity, and hardware tools are also one of them. As far as I am concerned, the plastic is Electromechanical loading; the metal is divided into click loading and hydraulic cylinder loading. Personally, I think the importance of basic products is more obvious than other products, because drill bits are basic things, and they are things that many fields rely on for a living, so I'm not sure about the future prospects of this industry Is quite optimistic. " The person in charge of quick drilling hardware tools talked about the original intention of establishing the brand, which can be described as thoughtful. "Although other products have been developed later, this does not violate the original intention of the company. I didn't expect that time passed so quickly, as if it was just a blink of an eye, our company's products have been able to help many customers with their work."

(picture of quick drilling hardware tools real drill products)

quick drilling hardware tools is the first brand under Yueqing Qianren Tools Co., Ltd. behind it is the e-commerce team that has grown up with the pace of Alibaba. The team focuses on the product research and development and sales of Alibaba online. They are mainly engaged in electric hammer drills and hole cutting tools for many years, which also allows the brand of quick drilling to grow. Always follow the business philosophy of "efficiency, safety and innovation", and strive to bring more and better products to customers. At the same time, we expect to become a brand with industry influence by adopting the exchange servo electromechanical and exchange servo speed control system control experiment process. Quick drilling hardware tools continue to launch unique and innovative products, which have abundant performance in their dedicated electric hammer drills and hole cutting tools

as an advanced hardware tool brand, the equipment produced by fast drilling hardware tools is also amazing in creativity, The person in charge introduced to us: "The team first launched a product on Taobao platform online in 16 years, which was not sold in China at that time, called cross four blade electric hammer drill. This kind of drill is favored by many customers because it has the advantages of anti-jamming, safe removal of output wiring, round export, and greatly improving the installation speed of the master. 2. Double headed wrench. From now on, this product has developed in a blowout manner in the market environment. We are very glad to bring such advantages as This huge change. "

(quick drilling hardware tool bit product map)

"in the future, we will still adhere to the brand concept of pursuing good quality and maximizing value, optimize products and services, strive to provide better products in bit research, and let the team embark on standardization and branding." The person in charge talked about the future direction, and his words were still firm. "In the future, we will continue to focus on safe and efficient electric hammer drills, spare no effort to study and promote them online. This year, there will be shocking new products on the market. If you are interested, please pay attention to us ~"

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