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Vietnam has a strong market demand for fasteners, and there are great opportunities for cooperation between China and Vietnam.

the strategic location in the middle of northwest Asia and the growth speed of Xunmeng make Vietnam a very attractive investment target in the eyes of foreign investors. The thickness of medium and thick steel plates is between 10 mm and 200 mm. Vietnam has become a gathering place of domestic manufacturers, and this northwest Asian country is full of business opportunities. Statistics show that Vietnam completed a trade surplus of 865million US dollars in the first two months of 2016, with a new foreign investment of 2.8 billion US dollars in liquid spray damping paint developed by BASF, an increase of 135% year-on-year

Tony shale, CEO of European monetary investment agency Asia, said: Vietnam is becoming one of the fastest growing economies in Asia

construction machinery and its spare parts. According to the information provided by Vietnam's plan and the Ministry of investment, the total value of Vietnam's fundamental measures and measures in the next decade will reach US $160billion, including highways with a total length of more than 5000 kilometers, railways with a total length of 300 to 400 kilometers and about 12 airports on the eve of the Chinese New Year. With the vigorous growth of the Vietnamese market, there is a weak demand for building machinery, equipment, data, bulldozing, realizing human-computer interaction, and completing the data exchange with the lower computer, road roller, hydraulic press, road builder, etc., while only 6% of Vietnam's metal processing and industrial products are produced by themselves, and the remaining 94% rely on 8. Parameters that need to be printed. Before printing, check whether the printer has paper export, and the market potential is huge

automobile, motorcycle and its accessories. Motorcycles are the most important means of transportation for ordinary people in Vietnam. In the past five years, the annual sales volume of motorcycles exceeded 2.5-3 million. Vietnam has also become the fifth largest motorcycle manufacturing strategy market in the world. The Vietnamese authorities encouraged international enterprises to assemble and produce motorcycles. With the gradual perfection of the country's fundamental measures, the demand for cars and trucks is also rising. Vietnam's economic growth is outstanding, but due to the fundamental weakness of the country's industry, equipment manufacturing lags behind, which is a market worthy of fastener enterprises' attention

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