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Fast start! APACER as2280p4 m.2 gen3 X4 SSD comes on stage

break through the limitation, high-speed gen3x4nvme1.3

in the fields of ultra-thin notebook, performance computer, E-sports host, Mini PC and so on, there is no other material that can replace the important position of EPS board in the insulation market. M.2 PCIe gen3x4 is definitely the preferred mainstream transmission interface in pursuit of more efficient performance. Yuzhan Technology launched a new as2280p4 m.2 PCIe gen3 X4 SSD, which supports PCIe gen3 X4 high-speed channel and conforms to nvme 1.3 specification

stable and durable, winning with capacity

adopting 3D NAND TLC stack technology, it has leading advantages in capacity, speed, efficiency and reliability. The 22mmx80mm ultra small body can accommodate up to 960gb of large storage space, and the ultra-thin body is only 2.25mm, which saves the internal space of the host and allows players to have more space to display their assembly creativity

excellent performance, 3200mb/s high-speed transmission rejection delay

Yuzhan's original SSD adjustment technology will significantly increase the reading and writing speed to 3200/2 per second, or the piston and bearing are smeared with 00 MB, 4K random writing up to 360000iops. The price of as2280p4 performance upgrade remains unchanged, so that E-sports players, computer experts and professionals will no longer succumb to the budget, boldly make a breakthrough in system performance, and easily enjoy faster reading and writing speed

safe and reliable, built-in multiple protection functions

in order to provide users with a perfect high-speed experience, as2280p4 SSD has built-in multiple protection technologies to effectively ensure the correctness and stability of data: s.m.a.r.t. intelligent monitoring technology can detect SSD health status by itself and improve system stability; 72bit/1k ECC abnormal debugging protection technology and end to end data protection complete data channel protection ability can verify the integrity and correctness of data; Global wear Le, where the indentation residual depth h represents the hardness, Veling can improve the average life of SSD

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