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Various food safety rapid detection instruments help to ensure food safety on the tip of people's tongue

with the continuous maturity of food rapid detection technology and detection instruments and equipment, more and more places take food rapid detection as an important measure of food safety supervision in the process of food safety construction, and introduce food safety rapid detection vehicles one after another to improve the ability of food safety emergency disposal, Ensure the safety of people's tongue electric drive with advantages

as the saying goes, "food is the priority of the people, and food safety is the priority", the quality and safety of food has always been concerned by people. In order to ensure the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of the people, improve the ability of rapid detection of food safety, strictly prevent and control food safety risks, many places have actively introduced food safety rapid detection vehicles or accelerated the construction of food rapid detection rooms, which has effectively improved the ability of food safety emergency response, and also provided strong technical support for local governments to promote the overall improvement of food safety supervision

Sichuan: allocation and use of food safety rapid detection vehicles

it is reported that the viscosity of 9 food safety oil rapid detection vehicles purchased through bidding in Jialing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province is too high. After the activity is carried out, they will be allocated to 9 counties (cities, districts). At present, the Jialing District food safety rapid detection vehicle has entered the local farmers' market. Relevant people stick to it "The performance partner introduced in detail to the masses the use of the rapid detection vehicle, such as whether milk powder contains melamine, whether pesticide residues exceed the standard, whether pork contains clenbuterol, and whether nitrite in cooked meat exceeds the standard. The author learned that the vehicle is equipped with 37 advanced rapid detection instruments, equipment and food safety rapid detection boxes, and can quickly detect pesticide residues qualitatively and quantitatively when it stops More than 1000 kinds of food residues were basically screened and tested in more than 100 projects in 9 categories, including residues of veterinary drugs, food additives, non edible chemical additives, microorganisms and heavy metals. At the same time, it has the characteristics of short detection time, high detection accuracy, and real-time statistical analysis of detection data

Qinghai: food safety rapid inspection vehicle escorts food safety

recently, the distribution ceremony of food safety rapid inspection vehicle and on-board equipment was held in Xining, and Gonghe County, Hainan prefecture, Qinghai Province received a food safety rapid inspection vehicle. As a "mobile laboratory", the food rapid detection vehicle not only has the advantages of strong randomness, flexibility and high accuracy, but also has great significance for strengthening the construction of food safety inspection and detection system, strengthening the ability of food safety supervision and comprehensively improving the supervision level

after that, the place will give full play to the role of fast inspection vehicles and fast inspection equipment, strengthen spot checks in key areas, especially the on-site fast food safety detection of school canteens, agricultural products wholesale markets, supermarkets and catering units, effectively prevent and control the occurrence of food safety accidents, and build a safe "firewall" for people's food safety

Guangdong: food quick inspection center put into use

it is understood that Yangchun food quick inspection center in Guangdong Province was established to provide safety quick inspection services for citizens' "vegetable baskets" free of charge. The food quick inspection center is equipped with large-scale multi-functional automatic food safety detectors, concentrators for aquatic products detection, centrifuges and other equipment, mainly for rapid detection of aquatic products and agricultural products. The detection process takes about 15 minutes. In short, the configuration and effective use of food rapid detection equipment will greatly improve the targeted hit rate of food supervision, further improve the ability of food safety law enforcement, and ensure the safety of grass-roots people

Hubei: the food inspection car drives to the door of the fresh food market

it is reported that the food inspection car in Hanyang District of Wuhan drives into the market to provide free food inspection services for the masses. The rapid inspection vehicle is equipped with pesticide residue detector, fluorescence detector, spectrum detector, integrated food safety rapid detector and other detection equipment and related reagents, which can detect more than 120 pesticides residues, veterinary drug addition, food additives, environmental hormones, fake and shoddy identification, and the results can appear in more than 20 minutes

conclusion: it can be seen from this that the configuration and use of various food detection instruments are indispensable for the procurement of fast inspection vehicles and the completion and operation of fast inspection rooms. With the full implementation of food rapid inspection throughout the country, we will truly "move the car, use the equipment, and inspect the food". The author believes that with the help of various food safety rapid detection instruments, we will be able to do a good job in ensuring food safety and ensure food safety on the tip of the tongue

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