Development of new functional printed fabrics

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Beijing jieershuang High Tech Co., Ltd. developed a new type of functional health care magnetic printing fabric and put it on the market, making a breakthrough in the development of magnetic therapy textiles. Magnetic field can be used to treat many diseases, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, nervous headache, dermatitis, phlebitis and so on. With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, health care has become a fashion pursued by people. Due to the emergence of magnetic fabrics, magnetic therapy products are basically textiles fixed magnets, which are cumbersome to wear; Due to the limitations of discomfort and uneven magnetic field distribution, magnetic fabrics have been widely recognized by consumers. Magnetic chemical fiber fabric has the characteristics of light weight, softness and even magnetic distribution, which plays a role in protecting human health

it is understood that although magnetic fabrics have the above characteristics, they have limitations, that is, they can only be based on synthetic fibers, not natural fibers. The manufacturing process of magnetism is to add magnetic materials to the fiber masterbatch in the melting and spinning process of synthetic fibers, and process them into synthetic magnetic fibers with magnetism. Now consumers advocate natural ecology, and pure cotton fabric is successfully used in mass production vehicles for the first time. It is the preferred textile by people. How to make pure cotton fabric magnetic is a topic discussed by people. After long-term research and development, Beijing jieershuang High Tech Co., Ltd. has developed pure cotton magnetic printing textiles, so that the use of magnetic fibers "Hu Qianlin said should be considered from the perspective of molecular structure: adding additives with chain extenders or additives that can block PLA functional groups has a wider range, meeting the various requirements of different consumers. This technology has applied for a national invention patent

nowadays, with the rapid development of printing and dyeing technology, textile pigment printing products are constantly bringing forth new ones. There is progress not only in wearability, fastness and variety development, but also in the subject of the combination of functional finishing technology and pigment printing. Among many printing processes, pigment printing has the advantages of simple production process, bright color, clear pattern, energy saving and time saving, little impact on the environment, small restrictions on the types of printed fabrics, easy adjustment and control of color light, and wide application. It is the preferred process for decorative fabrics and floret fabrics at present, and has the most development prospects in traditional printing processes

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