Development of low pollution coating technology fo

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Development of low pollution coating technology for precoating metal

development of low pollution coating technology for precoating metal

July 14, 2004

precoated metal steel plates are used for building materials, household appliances, furniture, transportation machinery, tanks, etc., especially in the field of building materials. In addition to protecting the substrate and giving aesthetic decoration requirements, they also need excellent durability. For this reason, an AC power adapter is equipped, Suitable for 100 ⑵ 40 volt power supply The coating used for hydrogen battery should be improved. For example, if the resin used is polyester, silicone resin or fluororesin should be introduced into the main chain and combined with it. However, when improving the high durability of the film, the new problem is to improve the gloss, because it is necessary to remove the residual polluting substances on the high durability film, otherwise it will affect the appearance. The simplest way is to increase the Tg of the film or reduce the molecular weight between crosslinks to form a dense film, so as to prevent the contamination of polluting substances. This method can show good carbon pollution prevention and mark pollution resistance, but the pollution has not been fully evaluated in the market, and the paint film is hard, which has requirements on processability and limits the use of precoated metal. Therefore, fluororesin coatings that can inhibit the adhesion of lipophilic components are expected. Due to the improvement of film hardness, they cannot give sufficient antifouling, and the flame is highly convenient for conditioning, so is the film surface with oil splashing. Because once the film of oil removal meets lipophilic substances containing carbon (workers' soot, gas emitted by cars, etc.), the film has high affinity with lipophilic substances, accelerates the development of key areas, and water is difficult to enter. On the contrary, it is easy to remove pollutants on the hydrophilic surface. Therefore, the super hydrophilicity and photodegradation of photocatalytic titanium dioxide are used to oxidize and decompose the polluting organic matter to make it powdered, and the alkoxysilane (such as alkyl silicate) is oriented on the surface during the formation of the film, while the alkoxy group decomposes into silanol in the air due to moisture, making the film surface hydrophilic, When these two technologies are introduced into fluoro coatings, they show excellent low pollution performance than traditional fluoro coatings

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